Core Team

Dayspring's Core Team are responsible for the executive leadership of the church. 


I’m a physiotherapist part time and a wife and mum of two full time. I met my husband at Southampton University and we moved to Chippenham when he started work in Bristol. When he started his PhD less than two years later, God kept us in Chippenham.
Hi, I’m Marion and am married to Peter. We married at 40 and have been married for 30 years. We have no children but love and appreciate those in our families and church family....
Hi, I am 52 and married to Sue. We have three wonderful children, two daughters Isabella and Sophie and a son Toby.
For most of my adult life I have either been a pastor or a publisher with my big claim to fame being that I was responsible for the British edition of the Youth Bible back in the 90s.
I am a single Londoner who retired in 2015 after a career as geography team leader (no jokes about coloured pencils please) and sixth form tutor in a local secondary school.


Dayspring Church is a UK registered charity 1170813 and as such is regulated by the Charity Commission. Like all charities we have a governing body of Trustees. Trustees are appointed by the Leadership of Dayspring Church to serve the Church; they have the responsibility of ensuring the Dayspring Church charity is well run and looks after its resources appropriately, to ensure the charitable objectives of Dayspring are achieved both now and in the long-term.

The Trustees are
Carole West (Chair)
Dave Halls
Dawn Whale
Raph Mrode