Rosie Hoy

Rosie HoyI’m a physiotherapist part time and a wife and mum of two full time. I met my husband at Southampton University and we moved to Chippenham when he started work in Bristol. When he started his PhD less than two years later, God kept us in Chippenham. So he commutes and stays two nights a week there and works from home too. I liked my job as a physio in a community hospital and we liked our neighbours, but it was really the church that we had fallen in love with as much as Wiltshire.
I would say my passion is really what I feel God has made me for. It has been prophesied over me that I will be “mother of many”. I have two children now which can't really be counted as many but I've got a girl and a boy and I feel I have the whole set. I’m not particularly keen to be pregnant again, but I feel that God has put in me a motherly heart. I want to see people come to faith but my passion is in seeing them grow in faith and maturity. When I look at the community I see a large number of people who have lacked godly (or even sufficient) parenting and I feel responsible. I believe “it takes a village to raise a child” and I believe God can restore our “village”. I think that my role in the church is to "parent" people, care for them and encourage them but just as I'm relatively new to parenting, I'm relatively new to church leading and I feel every day is about learning.
Alternative life? I suppose at the moment it’s hard to get away from living in the future, all I can think of is my children being teenagers.
Blog? It all confuses me the way the most recent comment is at the top. I’d rather see the people I’m talking to. (How 80-year-old is that?)



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