Our Mission

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DAYSPRING exists to wake up Wiltshire to:
  • the love of the Father
  • the good news of the Son
  • the power of the Spirit
and church in the real world.

DAYSPRING is a Middle English version of a Hebrew word for sunrise that is more often translated as day, morning, or dawn in the Bible and elsewhere.  Early in the church's journey we attempted to change 'dayspring' for something most people could understand.  As we pondered and brainstormed, we quickly realised that there was something defining about that name and it stuck.  About that time we were strongly influenced by Isaiah 58 where the Hebrew word features in verse 8.  It's not surprising that we would like to be a wake-up kind of church.

Our aspiration to be relevant to the whole county sometimes seems to be more of a dream.  However, we have founded a charity Open Blue which is already involved in isolated communities across Wiltshire.  Watch this space.  We will!

Our Vision...