Carole West

Carole—lime smile cropI am a single Londoner who retired in 2015 after a career as geography team leader (no jokes about coloured pencils please) and sixth form tutor in a local secondary school. For me teaching was about influence—whether helping stroppy Year 9’s with their day or sixth formers making big decisions.
So what’s different about church you may ask. Mentoring and pastoral care are the general themes for me and like most of the core team I keep my hand in with youth work. I also teach from time to time and my passion is to help people break out of negative patterns and move on to freedom in Christ which of course feeds into mentoring.
Geography for me has spiritual significance because I met with God while looking at the night sky and I am still particularly aware of his presence in the great outdoors.
As a teenager in a family that had never gone to church except weddings, christenings and funerals, coming to faith was quite dramatic. You can read more about that here.  But after that and an equally sudden experience of the Holy Spirit's power everything stalled for three years while I went away to college to train as a teacher.
God held on to me though, and returning to London for work I found a church that gradually helped me grow.
Moving to Wiltshire and being part of Dayspring from its earliest days has given me the chance to learn to lead in a unique environment where women as well as men, middle aged as well as young get the chance to discover their gifts with no restrictions.
One of my great pleasures is to be out walking with a group of friends who are all at different stages of their journey of faith. I enjoy being with them and often get the chance to talk with them about the things that matter most to me.


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