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Dayspring's Mission - 18 February - Dave Halls with Carole West, Sarah Putt and David Sandberg - where we see God at work in the news, among our friends and in Dayspring...more.
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Recent Talks

Persistence - 4 February - Dave Halls - persisting in asking when we want to see more of the Holy Spirit in our lives...more.
Milk and Meat - 28 January - Carole West and Anna Townsend - Maturity, the importance of reading the bible and practical ways to help us read more of the bible more regularly...more
Holy Spirit - 21 January - Dave Halls - more on the Holy Spirit...more
Holy Spirit - 14 January - Dave Halls - Conintuing the series on the Holy Spirit...more
Transition - 19 November - Dave Day - embracing change, what stays the same and what moves on...more.
Heads or Tails 4 - 12 November - Dave Halls & Sarah Putt - end of our series on the life of David looking at heads and tails and dealing with disappointment...more.
Heads or Tails 2 - 29 October - Dave Halls & Carole West - more on the life of David and finding a settled place in our calling...more.
Heads or Tails 1 - 22 October - Dave Halls & Carole West - the life of David and heads or tails in a world where we get disappointed...more.
Transformative Worship - 15 October - David Sandberg - rooting our worship in God's love allows him to transform us...more.
Our Words Matter - 1 October - Richard Jones - the power of our words and why they matter...more.
Bigger than Singing - 24 September - Alan Forsyth - encourages us to be a superfan of Jesus...more.
Word for Dayspring - 17 September - Pete and Kath Atkins - tell the story of what they have seen God do in Bardney and encourage us in what we are doing in Wiltshire...more.
Opening our eyes to what God is doing - 10 September - Stephen Douglas - how worship can help us to see what God is doing in our lives and the world around us...more.
Our Offering of Worship - 3 September - Dave Halls and Rolf Haesloop - new series looking at worshipping in our whole lives kicks off with how we offering our worship...more.
Walking in the Freedom Jesus has won for us - 23 July - Dave Halls, Carole West and David Sandberg - Things to help us in our walk of faith and dealing with fears and anxieties...more.
Habit for staying on top - 16 July - Carole West and David Sandberg - ways to help us live in the freedom that Jesus has won for us...more.
Whole Life Spirituality - 9 July - Rosie Hoy - what living out whole life spirituality looks like for Rosie...listen.
Open Blue - 2 July - Andy Weeds - you need to get Open Blue to get Dayspring...listen and powerpoint.
Cabaret Connexion - 25 June - Dave Halls - different people different responses and why we do Cabaret Connexion...listen and see the video mentioned.
Forgiving from the Heart - 4 June - Carole West & Dave Halls - how and why we need to learn to forgive from the heart to live in the freedom Jesus has won for us...listen.
Handling Emotions Well - 28 May - David Sandberg - how to deal with negative emotions and feelings while living in the freedon's Jesus has won for us...listen.
Fake News - 21 May - Dave Halls - Truth in a time of alternative facts, fake news and post truth...listen...powerpoint.
Hands - 14 May - Various - hear about the swork of Hands in Thailand...listen...powerpoint
Reconciliation - 7 May - Dave Day - being reconciled to ourselves, others and God...listen
God: Possible, Real, Relatable - 9 April - Dave Halls - second of two talks looking at being aware of God's presence...listen. God: Possible, Real, Relatable - 2 April - Dave Halls - In the first of two talks Dave looks at when people become aware of the presence of God in their journey to faith in Him...listen
Our Daily Choice - 26 March - Stephen Douglas - We sing Jesus be the centre and no longer I but Christ in me but how do we live that in daily life...listen
The World's view of Truth - 19 March - Alan Forsyth - how view of the world effects what we believe is truth...listen.
Fear of the Lord - 5 March - Dave Halls - know what it is to fear the Lord...listen
Choosing to believe the Truth? - 26 February - Andy Weeds - continues our series encouraging us to walk in the freedom Jesus has won for us...more
Who am I now? - 19 February - Carole West - continues our series encouraging us to walk in the freedom Jesus has won for us...more
Who am I really? - 12 February - David Sandberg - start of a series encouraging us to walk in the freedom Jesus has won for us...more
Is there more than this? - 5 February - Dave Halls - wide ranging talk on how people come to faith and giving it all back to God...listen
Ambassadors for Christ - 29 January - Dave Halls - begins to explore what being an ambassador for Christ might mean...listen
Global Prayer - 22 January - Anna Townsend - why and how to pray for the world and practical next steps for us...more
New Births - 15 January - Dave Halls - two images from Isaiah giving birth to wind and giving birth before going into labour...more
What to think about in 2017 - 8 January - Dave Halls - are we remembering to rejoice in the Lord always?...listen...powerpoint
Advent - 20 November - David Sandberg - waiting expectantly at Advent...listen
The Rounded Life - 13 November - Andy Weeds - how mission kindness and time with Jesus are woven together...listen
Elijah - 6 November - Dave Day - highes and lows during the life of Elijah...listen
Here I am - 30 October - Dave Halls - being aware of Jesus' presence and expecting to see His power bringing wholeness...more
Our Life Journey - 23 October - Carole West - goals, wells of refreshing and Autumn rains...listen
Here I am - 16 October - Dave Halls - Dave continues the Here I am series by asking when are we aware of Jesus' presence in every day life...more
Here I am - 9 October - Dave Halls - Dave looks at how we can say here I am and open the door in our daily lives...more
People's Journeys - 2 October - Dave Halls and Andy Weeds - Dave and Andy with others look at how we can help people on their journey of faith...listen
Wakeful People listen for the Call from the Shore - 25 September - David Sandberg - God is on the move and we need to be listening for the call from the shore to join in what God is doing...more
Connecting with Dayspring 3 - 18 September - Dave Halls - concludes this series by asking if you are up for collaborating? Listen
Connecting with Dayspring 2 - 11 September - Dave Halls - what barriers are there in our lives that get in the way of unity of the Spirit?  Listen as Dave continues the series on Connecting with Dayspring.
Connecting with Dayspring 1 - 4 September - Dave Halls - begins this series by looking at community that is relationship centred and about provocation and encouragement...listen
If the talk you are looking for is not there please contact the Dayspring Office and we will see if we can find a copy.


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