Kingdom of God

On Sunday 8 December Rosie finished this series. 

Reflections on the Kingdom of God

Dave continues the Kingdom of God series by reflecting on what we have learnt.  Talk from Sunday 24 November 2019.


The Kingdom of God is near

Jesus begins his ministry by proclaiming the Kingdom of God is near, repent and believe the good news. On Sunday 17 November Andy and David signs of the kingdom being near and truely repenting and believing. 
Powerpoint for the talk

Do not Worry

On Sunday 10 November Carole and Rolf look at what Jesus had to say about the Kingdom and worrying. 

God's good life

Following on from Rosie's talk last week, on Sunday 13 October Dave looks at orientating our telios towards the Kingdom and His righteousness.

What's your idea of the good life?

On Sunday 6 October Rosie asked us this.
Powerpoint for the talk
Links to Fly Lady and Diana from Denmark and Secret Slob