Opportunities to Pray

Prayer Breakfast
On the last Monday of the month we meet at the local Wetherspoon's to pray for an hour.  Those who can stay on and enjoy a late breakfast together.  All welcome.  See the calendar for the next one.

Global Prayer
The Global Prayer group meets together each month to pray for issues affecting the world.  With so much bad news it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed, but the aim of the group is to bring issues to God and ask for his will to be done.  Each meeting starts with prayer for an 'issue of the day', ensuring we stay up to date and are praying for events as they unfold.  We then take time to learn about particular topic and this section is currently focused on Islam and what is going on within the Muslim World, we acknowledge that we need to know more in order to pray effectively.  Finally there is time to tackle a different problem and very often we pray for global connections that members of the group have, this may involve taking time to Skype with a missionary.  Please e-mail amtown@aol.com to find out more, as well as where and when the next meeting is.

(For members of Dayspring only)
See the Intercessors forum.

Heart for Calne Prayer
All welcome to join with others from the churches in Calne to pray for the town and the surrounding area.
Usually the second Saturday of the month.
See the Calendar or contact the Office to confirm the details.