40 Desert Days

40 Desert Days 2Join us this Lent as we find space in our everyday with Jesus.

As part of the Dayspring community—together and alone—listen, pray, and contend.

  • FRONTLINES: friends neighbours, family
  • DAYSPRING: power, people, resources
  • WILTSHIRE: peace, prosperity, spiritual awakening
  • NATIONAL AND GLOBAL ISSUES: poor, pastors, protectors, peacemakers.

Could you get away from it all for a few extra minutes each day?
Commit to what’s doable.

  • Make a prayer timetable.
  • Link to a WhatsApp prayer group.
  • Connect with evening prayer walks in Open Blue locations and new local housing estates.
  • Share in daytime or evening one-hour prayer events at the Dayspring office.
  • Feed back your insights, learning, requests and questions at Whiteboard Central on Sundays.

Whatever works, take a step or two up—in prayer, listening, and contending for change in your world—by creating small spaces over 40 Desert Days.

You can get a video of Si Smith’s 40 Days at http://bit.ly/2S2CZgQ