for PC headerWe enjoy having people of all ages as part of the Dayspring community even when it’s a bit of a strain to meet the needs of everybody at the same time.

Children stay in the event during the first half. While aspects of all-age worship are beyond them, they can access parts of the session including simple songs, the videos that are frequently shown, stories and much of the news section. More importantly our experience shows that kids are just as able as adults to be aware of God's closeness.  Children are included when we celebrate communion.

We have separate sessions of 45 minutes or more during SUNDAYS.  Our children’s programmes are for children aged three to school year 6 (the end of primary school) and there is a group for those in year 7 and above.  Parents of under threes share the care of their children as they play with pre-school age toys and space to play outdoors.  

We hope the kids programme is excellent fun, as safe as possible and support you as parents as you help your kids to become all they can be.  We are committed to doing all we can to keeping your children and young people safe and are members of the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service.

In their sessions children have a variety of fun activities which are designed to achieve a number of goals.

Activities include:
  • Active games

  • Opportunities to reflect

  • Talking and listening

  • Making and doing

  • Singing and praying

We do what we can to keep everybody clean but fun and best clothes don’t really mix that well.

Our goals are to support parents and carers by
  • helping children build relationships outside of the family with their peers and with adults.

  • providing age appropriate learning which will help them to become disciples of Jesus.

  • giving children opportunity to encounter God for themselves and to recognise his closeness.

Advice for parents and carers of children new to SUNDAYS.

More about our commitment to safeguarding your children.


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