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When Visiting with Children


You will be provided with a simple slip for each child below secondary school age.  Make sure we know of any relevant health issues by handing the completed slip to a team member.  Children have drinks and biscuits.

Encourage your child to use the toilet before their session starts.

We hope very much that team members will notice you and your child. If not, please do introduce yourselves to one of them.

Stay with your child until they are settled.  After that, if you are needed we will come and find you.  You are welcome to stay with your child throughout the whole session but please stay on the sidelines unless invited by a team member.  Your children know you well; to others you are a stranger.

Expect that you may need to wait a while after the adult talk for children to be ready to rejoin you.  It may take time to finish stuff and they may want to hang out for a while with new friends.

We need your ideas and feedback.  After the session the team leader will be glad to hear from you.  If you have concerns regarding child safety issues, details of who to contact are in the foyer.