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40 Desert Days - 23 February - Dave Day - Can we find space in our everyday to spent a little time with Jesus, this Lent? Listening, Exploring, Noting and Thanking...more
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More than me - Spiritual Practices - 16 February - David Sandberg and Rosie Hoy - What do you do to deepen your relationship with Jesus so you can be more effective when sent...more
Come to the Table - Replaced - 9 February - Dave Halls - we come to the table because Jesus replaced us...more
Come to the Table - Passed Over - 2 February - Dave Halls - more on why we come to the table...more
Praying for 'unknown' people - 26 January - John and Jo Clifford - Reaching out in prayer for people and groups we have never met...more
Come to the Table - Remembering - 19 January - Dave Halls - remembering why we come to the table...more
More than Me - Sent - 12 January - David Sandberg - at the end of John's gospel Jesus said "Just as the Father has sent me so I am sending you."  Living a missional life...more
Waiting for the Dawn - 5 January - Dave's reflects reflects on the experience of the wise men and their epiphany and revisits Dayspring's commitment to a spiritual awakening that affects those outside church as much as inside...part 1 & part 2
The Kingdom of God - 8 December - Rosie Hoy - finishing our series on the Kingdom of God...more
Enlarged in the Waiting - 1 December - Dave Halls - some thoughts for the beginning of Advent...listen
Reflections on the Kingdom of God - 24 November - Dave Halls - what we have learnt so far...more
The Kingdom of God is near - 17 November - Andy Weeds and David Sandberg - Jesus proclaimed the good news saying the Kingdom of God is near, repent and believe...more
Do not worry - 10 November - Carole West and Rolf Haesloop - Our worrying and the Kingdom of God...more
God's Good Life - 13 October - Dave Halls - Reorientating our telios towards the Kingdom and His righteousness...more
The Good Life - 6 October - Rosie Hoy - what's your idea of the good life...more
Rewilding 2 - 29 September - Andy and Philippa Weeds - more on how the rewilded church might look...more
Rewilding - 22 September - Pete and Kath Atkins - the new things God is causing to spring up in rural Lincolnshire...more
Be still and know - 15 September - Marion Sims - looks at the life of Joseph and asks who is in control?...more 
Finding what God is doing - 8 September - Dave Halls - seeing what God is doing through his eyes and joining in...more
Serving what we find God doing... - 1 September - Dave Halls and David Sandberg - noticing what God is doing and finding ways to join in...more
Make Room through Healing - 21 July - Dave Halls and Carole West - in the final talk of this series on making Jesus number one Carole and Dave look at becoming whole in Christ and inner healing...more
Make Room by Blessing - 14 July - Dave Halls - continues this series on making room for Jesus in our lives by looking at our attitude to money...more
Make Room through Community Practices - 7 July - Dave Halls - in the first talk of a series on making room for God Dave looks at the importance of meeting together...more
The Banqueting Table - 30 June - David Sandberg - imagine sitting at the banqueting table the Lord has prepared for us...listen
How do we know that God is good? - 16 June - Dave Halls - especially when he does not do what we want when we want...more
How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? - 2 June - Dave Halls - we finish this series by watching the final video on the Holy Spirit by Alpha...more
From Easter to Pentecost 5 - 26 May - Dave Halls - dry bones and the breath of God, more on the Holy Spirit...more
What does the Holy Spirit do? - 19 May - Dave Halls - second video on the Holy Spirit from the Alpha Course...more
From Easter to Pentecost 3 - 12 May - Dave Halls - more stories of being filled with the Holy Spirit - more
Who is the Holy Spirit? - 5 May - Carole West - We continue our series on the Holy Spirit by watching the first Holy Spirit video from the Alpha Course - more
From Easter to Pentecost 1 - 28 Apr - Dave Halls - kicking off a series on being filled with the Holy Spirit...more
Pastoring Our Networks - 7 Apr - Dave Halls - helping our friends on their journey of faith...more
Pastoring Our Networks - 31 Mar - Dave Halls - Showing the love of Jesus to our family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and others...more
Making time for God in a Busy Day - 24 Mar - Stephen Douglas - What gets in the way, what the bible says and how we can each day ...more
The Holy Spirit - 17 Mar - Dave Day - Start of new series lloking at what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit...more
Pastoring our Networks - 3 Mar - Dave Halls - Showing the love of Jesus to those we meet in every day life...more
Josiah - 24 Feb - David Sandberg - How Josiah turned to the Lord more than any king before or after him...more
A Conversational Relationship - 17 Feb - Dave Halls - from learning to listen to a conversation...more
Learning to Listen - 10 Feb - Dave Halls - tuning into our Lord's voice...more
Types of Soil - 27 Jan - Dave Halls - thoughts on the parable of the sower...more
Overcoming Setbacks - 20 Jan - Dave Halls and Carole West - looking to God when disaster strikes...more
Spiritual Formation 2 - 13 Jan - Dave Halls - what are the next steps for us to be more like Jesus?...more
Spiritual Formation - 6 Jan - Dave Halls - becoming more like Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit...more
Communitas - 16 Dec - Dave Halls and David Sandberg - Who are we taking? Who are we hosting? Where are we guesting?...more
Community - a God thing and a good thing - 2 Dec - Dave Halls and David Sandberg - more on Community...more
Power behind the Community - 25 Nov - Dave Halls and David Sandberg - Community not just good but God, Spirit and Jesus thing...more
LEDs Together - 18 Nov - Dave Halls - devoting ourselves to the fellowship...more
Living by Faith - 11 Nov - Dave Day - Is living by faith about money or dealing with the tensions in our lives...listen.
Fellowship - 28 Oct - Dave Halls - more
Light for Wiltshire - 21 Oct - Dave Halls - Letting our little light shine...more
NRG - 7 Oct - Dave Halls - Rejoicing in our suffering...more
NRG - 30 Sep - Dave Halls - using the energy he gives us...more
Energy - 23 Sep - Dave Halls - I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me...more
Devoted to Prayer - 16 Sep - Pete and Kath Atkins - nearly a year to the day it was good to have Pete and Kath visit Dayspring again.  They encouraged us to devote ourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful ...more.
Under Wraps - 9 Sep - Dave Halls - new banner, new vehicle and new ways of doing things...more.
Being Wise in God's World - 2 Sep - David Sandberg, Richard Jones and Stephen Douglas - ways to be wise in God's world...more
If the talk you are looking for is not there please contact the Dayspring Office and we will see if we can find a copy.


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