Dayspring Resources

Click HERE to see a listing of the resources held in the office.
This copy is on Google Drive, let us know at here if you can't access it.

To search the list click on Edit and choose the Find and Replace option in the menu that opens
In the window that opens type the title of the resource you are looking for.
Click Find and if the resource is there it will jump to it.
If you search using a common term e.g. Willow Creek you may need to click Find a number of times to get to the resource you want.
Please do not click Replace at any time.

If there is a resource you wish to make use of please
  • check who is listed as current holder
  • if it is the office contact David Sandberg or Marion Sims.  One of us will locate the resource and pass it onto you.
  • if someone else please contact them directly and arrange to borrow it.
  • once you have the resource please let David or Marion know you are now holding it.

Any questions please contact David.

Click HERE to view items in the Dayspring Lockup.