ProverbsBeing Wise in God's World

An occasional series on Proverbs

Being Wise in God's World

2 September 2018 - David Sandberg, Richard Jones and Stephen Douglas.
More from Proverbs on being wise in God's world. 

Working Well in God's World

17 June 2018 - David Sandberg, Rolf Haesloop and Alan Forsyth
Continuing our look at Proverbs and how we work well in God's World. 
Link to article mentioned at the beginning.

Living Well in God's World

20 May 2018 - David Sandberg, Sarah Putt and Rosie Hoy
Openning up the book of Proverbs and seeing that it is the accumulated wisdom, collected through the generations, of how to live well in God's world. 
Video shown in the talk