Focus on the Frontline

Lessons from the Kindness KartA  Andy and balloon 0212

On Sunday 20 September Marion and David told the story of the Kindness Kart and asked how we could show the love of God through Acts of Kindness on our frontlines.
Bible - Luke 10 v 25-37; John 4 v 1-42
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Buckley compLessons from Open Blue

On Sunday 25 October Donna talked about Open Blue and asked how we could do the same on our frontlines.
Bible - Isaiah 58; Luke 10 v 1-10; Ephesians 2 v 17
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website screen shot 2Connexions on Our Frontlines

What can we learn from Cabaret and Cafe Connexion events and how do we put it into practice on our frontlines?  Andy explores this as we continue to Focus on the Frontline. 
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40 Acts40 Acts on Our Frontlines

David encourages us to do Lent generously using 40 Acts on our Frontline and not just for Lent.
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40 Acts for Family and Teens
40 Acts video
John 6 1-13
Chris Morton on being sent

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