Podcasting Dayspring Audio recordings

Podcasts let you automatically receive the latest Dayspring audio recording as soon as it's available.  You can take the recordings with you on the move and listen wherever and whenever you like.  This BBC link explains more.

The audio RSS feed from the Dayspring website works on iTunes and other podcast software.
Open your Podcast software
Choose the option to add a podcast.  In iTunes this is called subscribe to a podcast.
iTunes asks for a URL link other software may call it an RSS feed or similar. 
You can get this RSS URL feed by going to the audio video page on the Dayspring website here.
Click on XML right hand side just above the listing of the recordings.
A new window will open.
You may find you can subscribe using the Subscribe to Podcast using option at the top of the page.
If not copy the url in your web browser's url line at the top.  Here is an example http://www.dayspring.org.uk/Media/rss.xml?uid=1000531410&key=3ED4DB69F8A1D9E0F96DF314C1373148
Paste this into your Podcast software. 
You should find the latest audio recordings appear in software and you can take them with you and listen to them when convenient. 

I expect most of you who will access this know far more about it than we do.  Any comments or help with simplfying this would be appreciated. 

If you would find it helpful to have the talks on your iPod, mobile phone or tablett but you are unsure how to do this contact us at the Dayspring Office and we will try to help.