Heart for Calne 2015

heart for calne 

Heart for Calne is a vision to bring together Christians from all churches in Calne to pray, with one overriding purpose – we seek God’s plans and purposes for Calne, praying that He will have mercy on our town and will draw many into His Kingdom.

As we come together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, our primary vision is to intercede for a work of salvation among the people of Calne, that there might be a powerful move of the Holy Spirit, for many to be called to repentance. We pray, too, for good relationships between the churches of the town, that the Christians in Calne “may be one” and “brought to complete unity”, as Jesus prayed (John 17:20–23). Our praying also includes the institutions of the town – local government, police, schools, medical and other professionals, commerce and industry, and so on – that Calne may prosper and be a good place to live.
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