Missional Esentials

Our Missionary God - 27 October 2013 - Andy and David look at God's nature, what it means to be sent and why it matters.
Powerpoint used during the talk
Jamie Oliver's TED talk
David Mitchell Video
Meet Anne - Frontline Video

Incarnational Ministry - 1 December 2013 - Marion and Andy at God's way, and when we are sent how we go and what we are going to do.

The Mission of God - Joining His Purposes - 26 January 2014 - Andy and David look at God's Mission and joining how we join in.

Living on a Mission Field - 16 Feb 2014 - Marion and Donna reflect on why the past is now and what that means for us as we continue our series on Missional Essentials

Turning His Way - 2 Mar 2014 - Carole and David continue the Missional Essentials series by looking at how we turn and enter God's Kingdom. 
Jesus is tempted video
Evan Almighty Trailer

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