Home of Hope News December 2012

John and Moira Dubois made another visit to Romania in September and have done good work in overseeing the upkeep and finances of the Home and Family there. Dealing with charity and legal regulations in both Romania and UK is not an easy task.
Our young people have enjoyed the summer. Daniel, Jean and Maricel went with Florin, Jonathan and friends to the camp in the mountains and were asked to stay on for the full three weeks to help the leaders.  Roxana, Violeta, Mirela and Gherghina had a more leisurely time by the sea with Hajnal and little David.

Florin and Hajnal have a happy sequel to their disappointment early in the year when Hajnal’s pregnancy miscarried. Now they are looking forward to adding another son to their family in March 2013! Joe and David are reconciled to expecting another brother rather than the sister they were hoping to have!
Mirela had some time in Bucharest Hospital recently when she needed treatment for a Fungal infection in her intestine caused by neglecting her HIV medication. The treatment was successful and she is now at home again, hopefully a little wiser!
Georgiana spent the autumn helping to gather the grape harvest in a village, where she was able to stay overnight with her natural mother. She also stopped taking her HIV cocktail of tablets and came home complaining of consistent headache. She had a head scan in Bucharest which shows that she has Fungal infection on her brain. The Doctors are urgently searching for a way to give treatment and the situation for Georgiana is very serious.
Lucian who had to leave us in 2006, recently asked to return because he wants to be able to be at the church regularly on Sundays and also at the weekly bible studies; What better reason could he have given for the change? We are delighted that he is in the family again and he is now at home!
We would very much appreciate prayer, especially for:
  • Georgiana while she waits in hospital for treatment and that God will give the Doctors the knowledge and skill they need to save her life.
  • Lucian to settle back to life at Home of Hope again and that God will make up for him the time he has been away from Christian fellowship. 
  • Hajnal and Florin that their baby will be delivered safely and will be a blessing to them as he grows up.
  • John and Moira as they make their next planned visit in early April.
We all send our thanks to all our supporters and wish you God’s peace and joy as you celebrate the coming of Jesus to be our Saviour.