Home of Hope News June 2011

Moira and John Dubois made the spring visit in the week May 5th-12th and as this letter was delayed, I have updated their report with a phone call on June 9th.

All the family,  except  Mirela,  were at the Airport to welcome  them,  following a hospital visit for  their annual health checks and a visit to the Infectious Diseases Hospital to see Gherghina.


GHINA has been there for several months receiving treatment for TB in one lung.  This has been a recurring infection but now her latest test results are  Negative. The Doctors have not yet said how they will proceed regarding the small tumours which were previously shown to be in the other lung. She is feeling better but is still quite frail and needing a lot of rest.


MIRELA also has TB and is at present in Focsani ID Hospital.  If her medication is not effective soon she may be sent to Buchurest. Food is taken in for her each day and she is brought home at frequent intervals to have a shower.  There is no hot water in the Hospital !!


GEORGIANA is said to have TB in her blood. This was found when all the household had to have blood tests for the infection. Everyone else was clear of it and it seems not to have any effect on Georgiana’s activities, as she still goes to work on a small farm.


ROXANA and VIOLETA are reasonably well and still help with household jobs and sometimes looking after little David.


DANIEL, JEAN and MARICEL are helping Florin with repairs and are eager to be involved soon in erecting a replacement for the wooden school building.

That was bought and removed last year by a local priest to be a summer house in his large garden.


Some of you know that, earlier in the year, we were told that the HIV drugs were no longer available. We were very concerned about the health of our young people and sent many e-mails and letters in search of help.

Eventually, through contact with our MEP, Ashley Fox who shared our concern and the Romanian Ambassador who asked questions in Bucharest, our prayers were answered. We are now getting all we need, free of charge, and we hope this will continue. A big “Thank you” to all who prayed us through those three weeks!


Florin and Hajnal, and their children are well. Joe is now 9 years old and is doing well at school and David, nearly 2yrs, keeps everyone very active.


God bless you all,

Ruth Richards,