its o.k. in theory

ideaExperiencing God's presence all the time, most of the time or even some of the time is a great idea.  But for most of us its an idea rather than reality.  There are all sorts of reasons for that.  If you want to read more about the reasons why you can do so here.

All through the Bible there are hints and nudges that God wanted his people to experience his nearness all the time (more here) and Jesus said it clearly.  'I am with you always'.

A big part of the problem is the way we have shaped churches to come close to God in one particular way.
  • Charismatics experience God by celebrating
  • Anglicans approach God through the eucharist
  • Methodists were set up to draw near through small groupsBACK
  • Evangelicals did it by preaching
But one size does not fit all.  Because we are made differently, different pathways to the presence of God work for different people.  Click FINDING THE PATH to find out what they are.

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Dave Halls, 02/04/2011