Home of Hope News November 2010

Dear Friends,

Our new Trustees, John and Moira Dubois, had a good visit to Home of Hope for the week 14th to 21st September. I am sorry that this letter has been delayed but all the news is up to date!

After ten years of vigorous wear and tear, the downstairs rooms needed a thorough redecoration and some repairs this autumn, including the replacement of two showers. John was able to give valuable help with repairs, while Moira and Hajnal dealt with the urgent need of new bed linen. Now all the work is finished and the young folk are glad to be settled in their own rooms again!’

Gherghina, whose latest spell of treatment for TB had no effect, was then admitted to a Sanatorium in the mountains. After several weeks of isolation there, she was told that they had no treatment to give her. Now she is back in the care of her local doctor and recent tests for TB are proving negative!

Mirela still has some discomfort from swelling in her knee joints but the doctor is reluctant to aspirate the fluid. Even so, she was eager to help with the house painting.

Vivi seems to have recovered after causing some anxiety by secretly leaving the house for a five hour wander in Bucharest before being located. She now has to regain the trust of Florin and Hajnal before the return of her mobile phone.

Georgiana has continued to work in the village small-holding and sometimes visits her aunt and uncle. She still finds it hard to forgive the way she was treated in the 2yrs she was away from the Home and this hinders her spiritual progress.

Roxana’s angry moods are more controlled and she has apologised for her recent behaviour though care is taken when she is near 14mth old David.
Daniel is building a network of clients in the town, who call for his skills, as well as helping at home. He has bought a good camera and is now Photographer for the family and youth group!

Maricel is working with our mechanic again when there is opportunity. He has had some driving lessons but we have just found that Romanians with HIV infection are banned from driving!

Jean’s hope to make any significant progress in his singing is at a stand still at present, though he still sings with the church group and sometimes, solo. Each person who has tried to help him has given up because Jean will not listen to advice so the latest efforts and promise of a CD are now cancelled!

Thank you, as always, for your practical support and for your prayers. As you see, your prayers are specially needed for all our young people and for the staff.
Evelyn and I both have some health matters to get sorted out at the moment and we are very grateful that John and Moira are taking on so much of the Home of Hope responsibility now! God bless you all with His Peace and Joy,

Yours sincerely, Ruth.