Creation of Adam Crop

A chance to focus on God and His presence.


October 2015 to February 2016

Wed 17 Feb - Chquita Rajawasam - Our image of God - Hear the talk
Wed 20 Jan - Helen Marriott on love.  Hear the talk
Wed 11 Nov - Simon Burleigh on the importance of forgiving others.  Hear the talk.
Wed 14 Oct - Bob Marriott spoke about Suffering.  Hear the talk and see the powerpoint.

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Talks September 2014 to March 2015

Wed 24 Sep - How Michelle sustains her faith
Wed 8 Oct - How Barbara has stepped out for Jesus
Wed 23 Oct - Richard asks how do we know God loves us
Wed 5 Nov - Dawn tells us how God has been with her through her life
Wed 19 Nov - Andrew in Monday Morning Chruch considers how we live like Jesus in everyday life
Wed 3 Dec - Rolf talks about fear and what he has learnt over the last eighteen months
Wed 14 Jan - Nigel taks about his growing confidence in God's faithfulness
Wed 28 Jan - Wendy on the importance of personal boundaries and sticking to them
Wed 11 Feb - Alan discusses fearing and walking with God
Wed 25 Feb - Karen talks about how God has helped her regain a positive outlook on life.
Wed 11 Mar - Using Psalm 139 Sue looks at the kindness of God.
Wed 25 Mar - Sarah talks about the cages of fear, doubt and a sense not being good enough and how God has helped her.