Home of hope newsletter December 2009

Dear Friends,
In September, Evelyn visited Home of Hope for a week with our friends, John and Moira Dubois, from Horsham. John recently retired as Minister of an URC church and they have agreed to join us as Trustees. It is helpful to hear their view of progress and changes since their last visit in 2006. I was unable to go as I was recovering from several months of digestive problems.
There have been two exciting events this year! First Hajnal and Florin, the House Parents, had a baby son David on August 11th; a very welcome brother for Jonathan now aged 7yrs. Then a few days later Timothy James arrived, the first baby for Kerin and Emi Adam who work with the Roma people in the next town. Both babies are growing well and are a joy to everyone. Kerin’s father Tim Moxham, from Peasedown St John’s near Bath, is also a new Trustee.
Florin and his young helpers have been busy this summer, making improvements and repairs to the property. The old workshop, the two small rooms and the outside toilet which all border the front driveway, have been transformed into a small flat for visitors. Also a downstairs ceiling has been replaced and a garage door erected. All the family were able to go to a conference centre in the mountains for a week of Bible teaching and relaxation. They were with a group of 37 people from the local churches and were accepted with no problems.
Since then, Gherghina was diagnosed as having TB again and is now in Focsani Hospital in the care of the local doctor. The doctors in Bucharest said that Ghina should have a long spell of treatment in a sanatorium but she was refused admission because of her HIV infection. I hope to get advice from an English specialist in HIV. Georgiana, Violeta and Jean stopped taking their medication for a while, thinking it won’t cure us so why bother?!
They soon had to go to Bucharest, where a whole new regime of tablets was set up. All are at home now and hopefully they will remember that it is the medication that keeps the illness at bay. As they have all had to take at least 15 tablets each every day for the last 10 years we do sympathise and also we know that Gigi’s death greatly affected them all. Roxana was baptised in a nearby lake this summer and now joins the others at church regularly. Maricel is learning from the mechanic who shares our inspection pit and, in return, keeps our minibus and Hajnal’s car roadworthy. Mirela has never really recovered from her stroke in 2006 and is easily upset by minor disagreements. She has begun to have joint pains, especially in her knees. Jean has found a teacher to help him with his urge to sing and is paying for the lessons himself. We don’t have a progress report but we hear that he practices “all the time”. Daniel is still very responsible and a very good ‘big brother’ to Jonathan. He has helped to paint the church and sometimes baby-sits for Alina and Emil.
With sincere thanks for all your faithful support and many blessings as you celebrate the birth of our wonderful Lord Jesus and follow him in the New Year.
Ruth Richards – Lenora Home, Wood Lane, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

SN15 3DY

Ruth Richards, 07/12/2009