Home of Hope Newsletter November 2008



I travelled to Romania with my daughter, Rachel, and son-in-law, Phillip, who both visited Bucharest and Brasov before joining me at Home of Hope.
Florin met us at the Airport and I was very pleased to see him looking reasonably well, although he has lost a lot of weight during his illness. He is still having regular kidney function tests and has to follow a strict diet, but is now able to resume work, with plenty of help from the boys.
 The house was looking much smarter since the metal fence, bordering the front garden, has been replaced by a wall, and the original, rather battered, sliding gate, by two ornamental gates, one for cars and one for pedestrians.  This work was done by two friends from the Church while Florin was out of action.
There was a lot of activity in the back garden, where Florin has planned an Outreach Project, and the foundation was already in place to build a large Club Room. 
This will be neutral ground for inviting men from the town and from the Church, to play Pool together, relax and build relationships. When we left, the walls were built to roof level and the big job of concreting the floor was planned for the next day, with advice and help from Emi Adam!
Hajnal also has an Outreach planned! Two rooms upstairs are now equipped with several mobile treatment beds and Spa-type machines. Here she intends to invite her friends, from town and Church, to meet for some TLC, and to get to know each other.
Maybe the men will bring their wives for a treat, while they are with Florin!?
I should mention that all costs of these two enterprises will be fully met from the proceeds of the sale of land in which Florin invested several years ago.
There is still space for six overseas visitors to stay, though only a few have taken up the offer this year.
The Family.
DANIEL, as always, is hard working and is a very responsible young man. Until recently, he has been helping Alina and Emil, by baby sitting their three children, ages 2, 4 and 10 years, when they both had to work. His Church friends visit often and Football is very popular.
MARICEL has grown in height and muscle, since he returned to us. He is very interested in all things mechanical and is good at working out how to do repairs around the house. He still visits his mother and brothers and sometimes persuades his younger sister to go to Church with him.
JEAN still likes to sing and sometimes thinks he would be certain to win, if only he could get into a TV talent contest! Thankfully, he seems to have realised the hazards since a friend talked to him about priorities. He is happy to sing with his Church friends, which he does well, and one of them is teaching him guitar cords.
GHERGHINA also sings with the youth group and enjoys joining in their activities.
At home, she helps Hajnal with shopping and still enjoys drawing and craftwork.
Her health is quite fragile, because of her frequent attacks of TB, but she seems to have recovered from this year’s lengthy treatment.
GEORGIANA has settled into the family again and has recovered her sense of humour! She said that she never forgot us, while she was away, and that she is very happy to be back. Her main interest at present, is centred on the second hand guitar
she bought, though, where practical help is needed indoors, she prefers to be outdoors working with Florin and the boys.
ROXANA now has to have treatment for Hepatitis B, which isn’t pleasant. She is very reluctant to take it regularly, so doesn’t get past the initial nausea it causes, but which would disappear with regular use.
MIRELA is frail and much more easily upset since her stroke two years ago, and has very little self confidence. She gets on well with Vivi, shares her room, and helps her with small jobs in the house.
VIOLETA is in charge of the tumble drier and putting away the clothes, though the sorting of all the socks is just too much, so it’s every man for himself! She is really gifted at drawing and craftwork and takes great pains to get it right .Recently, she has started to write, copying very neatly from a book and proudly called me to see it, though she didn’t understand much of what she had written.
I am so pleased to have had time with them all again, and it is very good to see the young people showing so much commitment to each other, to Hajnal, Florin and little Jonathan, and to their faith.
We all thank you for your faithful support through the past 10 years and assure you that the Family at Home of Hope appreciate and pray for you too.
Please pray :
For Florin and Hajnal  that they will be encouraged as they witness to their
friends in the projects they have planned, in faith.
For healing for Florin’s kidney problem.
For strengthening of our young peoples’ immunity to chest infections and TB
this winter.
For continued spiritual growth for them all.
For the local Church, which has shown so much loving care for us and the
Home of Hope family through the years, and has great enthusiasm for
evangelising the town and surrounding villages.


Ruth Richards, 14/11/2008