Dave Halls

Dave HallsFor most of my adult life I have either been a pastor or a publisher with my big claim to fame being that I was responsible for the British edition of the Youth Bible back in the 90s. Long before that, with an eighteen month old son, Wendy and I started a theatre group that, within a year, turned into a church. We were the oldest members until my parents came to join us. Today we have four children and eight grandchildren.
Dayspring is another church with which we have been involved in nurturing since its very early stages.  I focus on Dayspring's big ideas and look after the teaching programme so as to help everybody develop an all round spirituality with God’s mission at its heart.  Alongside that I particularly enjoy helping make happen a small group of slightly more mature people, which we would like to see expand and draw in people who are not yet Christians.
Over the last few years I have been thinking and writing about how we can pass on to the rising generation a church which is not tied to an inherited culture and is thoroughly charismatic without being afraid to challenge hype and unreality. This led to completing my MA in Emerging Church at Cliff College. At the end of 2019 I completed a PhD thesis that explored the ways in which the Spirit interacts with non-churched people in the contemporary era.
Life here and now—in Wiltshire, with Dayspring—is where I want to be so it’s hard to imagine an alternative. I suppose it would involve living somewhere warm, learning to scuba dive and to sail safely and having the grandkids all living IMG0209 1around the corner.  That is unlikely to happen except on special occasions.  For now I am working with our team to get Dayspring get to a point where younger leaders take on larger roles and make it possible to 'proclaim the gospel afresh in each generation'. 

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