Donna Murray

Donna MurrayHi, I grew up in a village in rural Somerset, went to University in York and got into faith before moving to Chippenham to be near my job as an environmental scientist. I enjoy living in Wiltshire and spend time at home on gardening, doing house projects, paddling in rivers or meeting up with people. I am married to Andrew and have two young girls who are young enough to insist on jumping in muddy puddles.

I am passionate about reducing global poverty and living in a sustainable way that respects other people and our environment. I would like to see local workplaces, governments and companies taking seriously the need to ensure justice is done in all their work. It is great to see how many products have switched to Fairtrade giving UK shoppers a connection with the people who grow tropical fruit like bananas. The challenge for me is to find good value local, organic animal friendly food... or grow my own... or share what we have.

An alternative life that appeals would be a period of city life maybe on a house boat in Bristol docks but with the chance to up anchor and move on to the next mooring back out to the countryside again.

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